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Meritservus History

Meritservus originated in the 70s, with the introduction of the first tax incentives in Cyprus.

  • In 1988, Meritservus was incorporated as a division of Deloitte & Touche. With the change of the international business environment and the introduction of more stringent regulations by the US SEC, Meritservus became an independent firm in early 2005 and was appointed a preferred service provider of Deloitte, Cyprus.
  • Demetris Ioannides founded Deloitte Cyprus and served as Managing Partner and subsequently as Executive Chairman up until 2005. He was instrumental in co-ordination with the Vienna University and Professor Gassner for the Tax reform of Cyprus for EU succession. For his services to Deloitte Cyprus he was appointed Chairman Emeritus.

Meritservus Today

Using its rich client base and strong management team, Meritservus has expanded and furthered its breath of services which are provided through three service lines.

  • Meritservus: International tax structures, mergers and acquisitions, trust, fiduciary, administration and related services
  • MeritKapital: CYSEC licensed; Brokerage, asset management, investment advice, corporate finance and custody
  • D.I. Ross & Co: Chartered Certified Accountants : Chartered Tax Advisers UK, accounting & international tax services, preparation of financial statements under IFRS.

We have a very rich and enviable portfolio of international clients with billions of US$ under trust agreements

The size of our firm with 100+ personnel enables us to provide a dedicated personal service to our clients with great attention to detail.

Meritservus is associated with top firms in the British Virgin Islands, Hungary, Isle of Man and United Kingdom through which we best provide a personal and comprehensive international coverage service.


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