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About Us


We are an independent and innovative firm of Chartered Certified Accountants and registered Chartered Tax Advisers in Cyprus, that prides itself on its core values in its pursuit of excellence, transparency and integrity.


Our Credentials


DI Ross roots are embedded and associated with that of Meritservus, a financial and fiduciary firm whose roots originate in the 70’s.


The founder of DI Ross Demetris Ioannides also founded Deloitte Cyprus in 1988 and served as Managing Partner and subsequently as Executive Chairman up until 2005. He was instrumental, in co-ordination with the Vienna University and Professor Gassner, for the Tax reform of Cyprus for EU accession. For his services to Deloitte Cyprus he was appointed Chairman Emeritus.


DI Ross team of around 50 includes qualified accountants, university graduates, economists and mathematicians. The firm gives a great emphasis in the training of its younger personnel with a structured scheme for their further development and qualification.



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